JoeStylePh : Corporate Street

Hey there! I am finally back with a track. To you guys I would like to apologize for always absent but tada! Here I am. So, as for my comeback I have decided to step up the game. I have done my outfit shoot at the front of a crowd with a couple of brands…

JoeStylePh: Ken Doll

A new journey through another year. Though 2015 has ended, many of us are looking forward in braving the year ahead. I, of course all of us are expecting a prosperous one, (year) but who knows? Anyway, this is a New Year right? Fireworks, firecracker, and dangling sounds are everywhere so colors that are loud…

Jeans Madness

     Confused on the right fitting of your jeans? Now here we go, there are so much factors to be considered when pairing up with these pants. Considering the body type  and  height of the user is such a good idea. If you are tall and skinny, then the skinnny type is suitable for you….


Hello there, I am a newbie; hope I can work this blog out. I want to make friends here so let’s interact, thank you guys.