JoeStylePh: Summer Dapper

   We can already say that summer has officially started, now that even a bit movement can get you sweaty. No sun ray can stop me from dressing the way I wanted. Dapper with a mixture of street isn’t new to me at all. So I thought of wearing a button down paired with rugged black jeans would be a good idea. Not only you can show some angst but also its properness that makes it wearable to almost all occasions.

Easter egg Sunday 🐣

You can never go wrong with black pants , a perfect color to almost any top. Can we talk about how cool ripped jeans are? Personally, I feel confident and free whenever I wear ’em. Okay judge me now people! haha. My button down has tiny grid lines which adds dynamic as well as its length. I am wearing Dynasty once again and I am certain that they already mastered all sorts of checkered/striped tops. 

Walling with style haha

Over sized top I got here that gives the eyes an illusion as if I really look tall. Summer without sunnies is boring, so yeah it is a requirement; especially if you love posting self portraits on Instagram. 

Brown eyes 🎤

Fly shades is the brand that I trust when it comes to design, color and shade. This season is the perfect time to wear your sunnies and free yourself with nature. Try to look formal even under the heat of the sun. Thanks  for reading another edition of my summer long blog. Stay sun-kissed everyone! Happy Easter Sunday!


Brand Credit: 

Button Down: Dynasty Clothing

Shoes: Hogan

Sunglasses: Sunnies Studios


My Social Media: 

Facebook Page: The Fashion Maniac

Instagram: @jorenumacob



Jun Pacaba


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