JoeStylePh: First Stretch of Summer

Here we are, braving the year ahead. Summer is fast approaching; so it’s time to show some skin. While many are rocking their sweatshirts and pullover, here I am strutting summer colors.

GGSS hahaha

Spreading summer vibe all over Instagram. Recalling my basic rule in fashion; wear what you want as long as it has harmony with the other pieces. Vivid and festive outfits are best in catching the attention of many. I will show you how mixed together with strong colors can win summer. What a rebel! 

Pa Kendid shot haha

A brand which creates impeccable shades of color has established a well deserved status through years. Penshoppe have been giving us cool summer outfits. The top is serving me that boy next door vibe. 

Naghihintay ng taxi pose haha 😂

My shorts have something to do with the contrast of shirt since the base color of it is white. It is a DIY piece from the pants of a nursing student. First, I trimmed it down to the length I wish, then I asked my Mom to sew it properly. Tadah!

World Balance

 Adding coordination to my top, I chose white sneakers with a touch of blue on its borders. World Balance created an edgy sneaker that can easily blend to whatever your ootd is. I wore a wood colored bracelet to add another dimension to the overall look. I also wore a silver colored sunglasses, by Metro Sunnies for a head turning moment haha papnsin! 😂

Shirt by Penshoppe

Diy Shorts haha para paraan 😍

Summer is just around the corner and all you have to do is to strut and work. Break boundaries; show how much you love the sun. Thank you for reading, have a good day!  

Tabi dadaan ako pose haha

Brand Credit:

Shirt: Penshoppe

Shoes: World Balance

Sunglasses: Metro Sunnies

Bag: Coral Bags

Social Medias:

Instagram: @jorenumacob

FB: @thefashionmaniac


Jun Pacaba


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