JoeStylePh: Check Mate

    Hey there people! It’s been a while since I wrote my last article. Did you miss me? I just woke up from a deep sleep on blogging haha just kiddin’. Anyway, yay! Ber month (Sep-Dec) just came and everyone is excited.

Festive colors are perfect at the moment. We are all good to wear button downs. I always make my winter more vivid and colorful. An emerging brand is particular about checkered and loud button downs, Dynasty.

This brand is perfect, it fits well on me. Their designs are powerful and fabric has smooth texture. Am wearing a combination of pink, blue and purple checkered top that brought out my pale white skin (choose these colors to emphasize your ehem white skin color). 
If you guys are cool with button downs either plain or checkered then it’s good to try Dynasty. 

Adding the loud vibe of my ootd is the distressed bottom I am wearing. Ripped jeans are no stranger when it comes to streetstyle. 

The watch I am wearing is from LoveFaithHope. My first time having a red watch, I think it’s cool. The good thing here is that for every purchase of this watch, 50% of the proceeds will be given to cancer patients who are in need. Who doesn’t want to help?

Nowadays, fashionistas are experimental, combining street and corporate is as easy as eating lol 😂. Give yourself a try and rock those stripes. Mix match it and pose confidently. Thank you guys for reading. 😆 

Brand Credit:

Button Down: Dynasty Clothing

Shoes: Hogan

Watch: LoveFaithHope

Photo Credit:

Jun Pacaba


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