JoeStylePh: Back to Black

     I’ll stop wearing black when they make a darker color. Everyone loves black, it represents dominance. 

More attractive if combined with oversized tees, with same colored bottom and shoes. This wasn’t the first time I decided to go all black. 

It’s simple yet risky. Risky because instead of using usual sneakers, I wore a derby type of shoes. Forever 21 men did a great job creating a bold aesthetic. 

Who would have thought that this look is inspired by the famous DJ and Producer Mark Ronson.

I really like his style a lot, he dresses fluidly.  Mark can be seen often with derby shoes on. Are you a fan? Then go try this look and be bold! 😇 Thanks for reading . ☺

Brand Credit

Oversized tee: Forever 21 (21Men)

Shoes: Guevarra Footwear

Eyewear: Fly Shades

Social Media

Facebook page: The Fashion Maniac

Instagram: @ujoren

Photo Credit: 

Jun Pacaba


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