JoeStylePh: Bad Romance

    All of us are either inspired or creative to dress well. I can do both (cocky haha). My focus of proper dressing has been influenced and inspired by various elements, artist and even time frame. I’ve always been dreaming of wearing an 80’s inspired look. The story behind this OOTD started when I accidentally re watched Ladygaga’s Bad Romance. 

Although the MV have aged, still gave me the idea of how wearing an all white look can be risky or witty. Not really similar to what she wore in the video, but alike.

 Aside from the MV, Gaga recently performed her hit songs in the NRG Stadium which boosts the demand of wearing the iconic all white outfit (Bad Romance baby). As usual, she slayed, it was a success! She’s back. 

Never combine pieces with different color coat (Different color coating). It will make you desperate. Make sure its coat matches with other pieces for perfect combination.

 Soon as you made it sure then you are good to go. I really like my trousers here (Freshgear), the fit is impeccable, as it expands smoothly with the right size of my legs.

 Is it just me or the trousers added some bulge to my behind haha lol. Go and make yourself an 80’s doll, it’s never too late. J’ai ton amour et je veux ton revenge!!! Gag!

Brand Credit:

Trouser: Freshgear

My Social Media:

Instagram: @ujoren

FB Page: The Fashion Maniac


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