JoeStylePh: Christmas and Blog Anniversary ❤

   ​Did you miss me guys? I hope so. Guess what day is today? It’s my first blog Anniversary so yeah! Cheers to a year of fashion and lifestyle stuff! Sorry to keep you waiting for too long. I must regain my composure after a long hiatus. Anyway, this is just the beginning I am telling you haha. As I preapared a whole set of photographs for a better year ahead (New Year). I should’ve celebrate my blog anniversary this mid year (May 2016), because I originally started blogging in May 2015. But since I debuted my style blogging (which is my main course), Christmas day last year; I decided to adjust a bit. I want to express how happy I am through this post. 

    Running a blogsite is pretty challenging. I’ve been through ups and downs in this industry. I was really sad by the time I made my first blog post (about fashion) because of disappointment. I only had few audience back then. But as time passes, they grew and went excessive. I managed to get sponsorships and event invitations, I ain’t really an event person so I seldomly attend those event invites, which I think I should’ve grabbed. This platform has been a blessing in disguise to me. Why? Because despite the fact that I’m a newbie, I also get to enjoy styling and expressing my fashion statement, and travel experiences of course. Oh I almost forgot, don’t deal with haters. You know! no matter what people tell you, don’t just cry in the corner and stop things the way you wanted it to be. Instead push yourself to what will make you happy, like I did. I Thank God for a year of blogging. To you my readers with never ending support, thanks for reading this! Cheers, Merry Christmas and Happy Anniversary. ❤

Yey!! Happy Anniv!!!

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