Davao City Comeback 2016

    When I learned that my family (Mom and Aunts) decided to take a vacation in Davao City this year, nothing less than excitement I could feel. Ten years ago, I left a place vital to my childhood. Now I intend to feel a piece of my existence, I am coming home to my beloved hometown Davao. This aims to tell my journey back to my roots. 

Wolf pack

When I was waiting for the boarding time, I felt really excited to the fact that I am gonna see all my childhood friends and colleagues, same with places I grew within. Hours later, atlast! We arrived.

Francisco Bangoy International Airport
RED Team

Since the original plan was to go directly at Samal Group of Islands, I already expected tons of trees sorrounding the environment. My Mother lived there few years back when I haven’t been born yet, together with her sixteen (16) siblings and parents. They were poor back then but escaped the nightmare of poverty years later. 

Oooh I’m in love with Juda-as πŸ˜‚

With the help of some habal habal (Motorcycle), we managed to get to the overlooking location of my Aunt’s bungalow. 

My Aunt’s bungalow

It was my first time going there. The ambiance was peaceful, harmonious and calming on my part who lives in Manila. 
Perhaps I could spend my older days there when time comes. 

Green green grass of home πŸƒπŸŒ³

The area is so rich in vegetables, fruits and other plants. 

That faces πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Samal’s sunset

I see happiness on everyone’s faces, there was one time that the whole or I think half of my Mom’s side clan came and feasted with all the cooked food, it was messy and chaotic but I really enjoyed the moment. 

Videoke galore

I met my long time cousins I haven’t meet before. 

Beach Ready 🌊

Did I mentioned how much I love beaches? Like really if there’s somewhere I could go around and do nothing all day, then that’s sitting on the beach. 

Palacio de Matanos
The virgin water of Matanos Beach

We first plunged into Matanos’s Beach waves, this one was the most virgin beach I’ve ever seen so far in my life. 

Finding Nemo πŸ›

Green water with pure white sand grains. Definitely a bucketlist when you’re in Samal.

Matanos High School

 The next day, we passed by the Matanos High School where most of my Aunts studied.

Tukanga Hill

Then a little trekking to reach the Tukanga Hill. Afterwhile, we’ve decided to head the infamous Ekran Beach (Samal Casino). 

ANTM runway πŸ‘ πŸ‘œ

Ekran Wharf
Ootd πŸ˜‚

Our drivers told us that some rich men who stayed there either went missing or found dead and robbed. The whole area has been abandoned ever since. Like ghost town, scary right? Haha,

Samal Casino (Owned by Malysian Government)

 but we get to touch the abandoned water of Ekran. 

Dad ❀

Four days passed, I decided to visit my Dad in the City proper, Davao. Nah, not just my Dad but also my dear cousins and the place where I lived once. 

Jerome, Davao City. The street where I always play.

Ten years is material, I can’t almost recognize the streets where I used to play and pass. But some things never change, the memories. Some came and gone, some are still there, some recognized me and others didn’t.

I insist not to edit some photos, to show you how things has changed in my hometown. I don’t speak Bisaya (Native language), but I do understand the language completely. Meanwhile, I stayed at my Aunt’s house where my beautiful cousins are raised. 

My Beautiful cousins ❀

All of them (3) are beautiful and hospitable. My Dad would always go there (My Dad’s house is beside my Aunt’s) and cook for us. I truly love his adobo, kilawin, and pansit.


I would like to thank my Dad, Aunt, Cousins and all the DavaoeΓ±os for welcoming me to Davao. Aside from home, I also got the chance to enjoy myself inside SM Lanang Premiere. 

I love Davao!

After the short reunion with us cousins, I returned to Samal Island to experience the fearsome giant slide of Maxima Aqua Fun Resort. 

Breathtaking nature πŸŒ„
Pretty cousin ❀

Before arriving to Maxima Aquafun, we (I have with me my other stunning cousin) stopped for a while at PeΓ±aplata overview to take pictures of some breath taking sceneries; we’re on top of the world!

Maxima’s fearsome slide

So let the wet and wild adventure begin!

When you reach the opposite end of the slide, the deep ocean will welcome you.

Like I was shook when sat on the edge of the slide made up of thick tarpauline. I literally had a mini heart attack after my first try. 

Dive spot
Greenish water

Johnny’s ride (If you don’t want to trek down)

I had six (6) times, one of the best experience. On the same day, although my whole body was in pain, I pushed myself to ride a horse which was my first. He’s (Horse) cool, that I wanted to bring him to Manila. ❀ 

My first time riding a horse 🐫

The next day, our assigned cook (The big boys) made some mouth watering desserts for the whole clan, like there’s too many of them, a battalion? Haha joke. After that day, the pack headed to Malipano Snorkeling spot where sparkling corals are found and living. 

Cozy 🏠

Later that day, we went to Kaputian Beach Resort, another stunning white beach just beside the main wharf of the Barangay (Libertad). 

Kaputian Beach (Beaside the wharf)

Yowww ✌

Two (2) days before our flight, we made ourselves full with some good food from the best buffets of Davao, the ‘Kuya Ed’, ‘Green Buffet’, and ‘Chavez Lechon House’. If only these restaurants have branches here in Manila then I will be one of their regular costumers. 

Kuya Ed Buffet

Chavez Lechon House

We stayed in a simple hotel in San Pedro to prevent haste from our flight schedule.

 The day before our Depature, we bought some souvenirs and delicacies which are uhm one of the best. The ‘ginamos’ (salted herring) and ‘tuyo’ (dried fish) are Davao’s best. I am telling you, a must have. 

Try these guys, the best!!
Deli picking 🍫🍬

The only thing I can say about my Davao trip is awesome. I met great people, I made myself connected again to my roots. A once in a lifetime experience. Anyhow, this isn’t the last one Davao, I will be back. Next year?? Great. My Mom would totally go back next year (2017), let’s see if I could make it to the cut.

Sexy Back πŸ’ͺ
Flex pa more haha πŸ‘Š

I would like to thank all the people who are responsible for making this 10 day trip possible, my Mother (Melani), Titas (Chat,Miklay, and Joan). This was the most lavish trip I’ve ever experienced. Pambili na din ng tatlong Iphone7 yun haha. The most expensive, yet the most memorable. It was such a wonderful experience, thank you talaga. ❀  Thank you for reading my blog. Stay tuned for my year ender travel video.πŸ˜‰ Nov. 14-24 2016.

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