JoeStylePh: Śhady look


   Wondering what your face shape has to say about your sunny fashion statement? I’ve always been planning to share this to you guys and gals! Here’s a fashionista guide to catch up with the most appropriate sunnies for you. 😎 Not only I am OC to what will I wear but also to what my eye should. Factors, shapes, sizes and emphasis I will give advice. Let’s do this!


The first face shape is oblong shaped. Your slim shaped face looks great with wider and taller frames. Opt for styles with a low nose bridge to compliment your features.


The second one is for the heart shaped faces. Compliment a slender jawline with a pair that is slightly wider than your forehead with detailing on the lower portion.


For round shaped faces, make yours appear longer with rectangular or square frames. Look out for bold, angular frame and make sure they sit just above your cheekbones.


The next one’s for square shaped faces. Add some curves to your rims to soften your sharp features. Thinner frames that are slightly wider than your cheekbones to work best for your face shape.


A triangular face shaped person should look for detailing on the upper portion of your frame. Browline or cat eye frames are a great match for you. Just make sure the width is slightly wider than your jawline.


The last one is the oval shaped faces. It can get away with almost any style, so play around with bolder colors in different silhouette.

I personally use aviator type, it really worked on me. To the sunnies fans out there, do not just settle for the good, settle for the best. Stay gorgeous. 👓

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