JoeStylePh: Green Minded

Hello there my dear readers, I would like to apologize for not posting anything for 3 straight weeks. I’ve been doin’ a lot of stuff that could make my life in the future prosper. Anyhow, I am trying my best to work on my passion and share you my style sense. Before anything else, I would like to tell you a hillarious experience. When I was having my coffee and waiting for my photographer and client in a coffee shop, a woman approached me.


Her: Hello Sir what’s your name?
Me: (I can tell that she is the manager of the store based on her outfit) Joren. Her: (asked questions) Would you like to be a part of our audit team Sir?
Me: I’ll get back to you once I got my license ☺


PS: I can’t disclose the whole convo here haha, but I did feel weird and at the same time overwhelmed to be approached by a woman I don’t know personally. Akward right? I kept on asking Mom that day if I look cute with my outfit haha. That’s the reason why I was energetic during my outfit shoot and client appointment.


Back to blogging haha, how many of you here are neon shirt fans? I got you covered. Some of you might think that neon sucks, but it extends the story to a high level question which is “can you handle and give justice to the color?”. As a fashionista, I am fond of mix matching pieces that I think will work with others.


The awesome neon yellow green tee shirt I am wearing is from Bossini Philippines (Bossini Tee time). They design and create minimalist products without extending the size of your wallet 😛. If you want simplicity to hit you then choose Bossini.


Oh Adidas! Ever since I was born, it’s already you I wanted to wear. The company giant continues to share their products according to global fashion trends. I super love the body bag.




Fila is here with me again. I love being called “unique” so every OOTD I am into everyday is truly ideal. Go rock this OOTD, man up and be confident. You don’t need anyone to judge you. Just be yourself, Own it! Don’t be discouraged; everyone who got where he is, started where he was. Thank you guys for reading, Godbless. 😊

Brand Credit:
Tee: Bossini
Bag: Adidas
Sneakers: Fila

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Photo Credit:
Jun Pacaba
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