JoeStylePh: Summer and Festival outfit Pt.2

   Can’t get enough of Part 1? Haha, then you’re probably excited to this. Apologies for the delay people, bear with me because I really am too busy right now. Somehow, I am so glad that the last outfit I wore gave my statistics an enormous increase. The views on my blog and page were tripled compared to previous’. Huge thanks to you guys 😉.

Show your Machismo side

Summer is almost over, but the fact that the Philippines is a tropical country, couldn’t stop me from wearing unique and street wise outfits. There’s no inappropriate getup if you’ll ask me, what matters most is that you are happy with what you are wearing without being too exaggerated.

Smile smile pag may time.

Even if rainy days have started, I can still feel the hotness brought by the sun, or is it  just me? Haha joke. As continuation to part 1; how to dress on festival events, I will be sharing you some tips on how to pull designs that are street yet appealing to everyone. A tank top would be a perfect emphasis in an outdoor event, more of black with a touch of orange from Von Dutch. Do you notice the edgy feeling brought by color black? If yes then I am not the only alien here haha lol.

Von Dutch

Ofcourse let there be consistency to your bottom (Baleno). Again, my sandals are from Gzark Trail. I remember when I was in Puerto Galera, my sandals literally ripped off (same sandals). The funny part was we were in a rocky underwater cave. I was already dying back there haha when someone offered me a pair of slippers. My cheeks went firey haha.

Sandals from Gzark Trail

Well back to fashion hihi. Sometimes it is better to be exotic than boring, so I wore my flower designed beach bracelet to mix with my tank top’s color (I got it in Puerto Galera).

Accessory from Puerto Galera

There’s a new addition to my bag collection ‘the tindero bag’ (vendor’s bag). This bag’s from Lazada and I am very greatful to represent their brand.  It is so captivating and hassle free. Try to check their site guys!

Baleno Shorts

I know I know some guys are ashamed of going out sleeveless. Nah Be confident bruh! No need to be shy. The confidence you are into has a big factor in your aura.

Sling bag from Lazada


The way you carry  yourself speaks a lot. Hope you guys enjoyed my summer edition H2T outfits, talk to you again next time, thanks for reading.🐬

Brand Credits:
Tops: Von Dutch
Shorts: SM Men Baleno
Sandals: Gzark Trail
Sling bag: Lazada
Sunnies: Fly Shades

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Photo Credit:

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Mark Amber says:

    Nice outfit!


  2. Laura Kirck says:

    You have a good sense of style


  3. rita carber says:

    I love your top!


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