JoeStylePh: Summer and Festival outfit Pt.1

    Summer is a very exciting season of the year. It’s the time for colorful and festive outfits to be wore. I just went home from my 5 day vacation from Puerto Galera, so my skin is deep fried,  it is starting to peel itself haha. Since it is summer and all about nature tripping, the best color to represent is Green, and I have decided to wear floral printed button down. Here are some tips on how to rock florals this Summer/ beach / Coachella (Festival outfit).

Show your classy poise

* Floral with a touch of Green is more attractive with a darker skin. Believe me, I already have haha.

* Better match it with terno colored bottoms to have consistency.

Baleno Shorts

* Accessorize it with beach bracelet or any colorful strings that would not overpower the look.

Beach bracelet from Puerto Galera

* Ofcouse, to look more beach ready, show your light colored Eco body bag for a major kick off.

Eco Body Bag by Natasha

* Festival ready? Bring out your edgy sandals and start wearing ’em.

Sandals from Gzark Trail

* Never combine different colored pieces, it could mislead your outfit focus.

What you looking at?

  I’m a little bit late for Coachella haha and I can’t afford it so I am considering a festival outfit. Either of the three (Summer/Beach/Festival), I bet the look would work.

Deep Fried Skin haha

 Love my button downs? Who says men can’t go with floral design?  This super stylish piece from A.D 2046 had me express my flowery mood. The catch is, it’s not made of cotton but Catcha fabric. I really am wearing a unique top because of the overall quality of it. Thanks A.D 2046!

Walk walk walk walk walk...

  I bought my beach bracelet at Puerto Galera, Mindoro Philippines. There are different kinds of accessories there, check them out! My beach ready Eco body bag by Natasha is so cool. Gave me that beach vibe and I so love it, also made of Catcha, thanks Natasha! Baleno’s twill shorts is really comfortable and sleeky, I wore it proudly in Puerto Galera. 🌊🐳 My sandals are from Gzark Trail, talking about its edgy design and durability would be perfect for any summer ootd.

Feelin' that beach vibe yet?

   Some people are afraid to wear this kind of look because they aren’t sure if it suits them. I say, you go try yourself and be confident. Yeah! A lot of people did stare at me because of this look, I guess they love it 😄 (self proclaimed) haha. I hope you love it too. How about another outfit this week? Sure then, part two is on process! 😉 Thanks for reading!

Brand Credits:
Button down: SM A.D 2046
Eco bag: Natasha
Shorts: SM Men Baleno
Sandals: Gzark Trail

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Photo Credit:
Jun Pacaba

6 Comments Add yours

  1. Anntoinette Michaels says:

    Nice outfit! Very beach ready..


  2. Ano Nymous says:

    Kuya Joren! Haha ang pogi mo. Idol kita ❤ -anonymous….

    Liked by 1 person

  3. jesse says:

    Floral really looks good on you. Keep up the good work


    1. Joren Umacob says:

      Hello there @modernlaundrie, thank you so much! 😇


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