JoeStylePh: Pomade in Heaven

     Hey boys! Grooming has been a very big factor when it comes to appearance, and when you say proper grooming, the very first thing that come’s in your mind is your “crowning glory”. Who doesn’t want a cool hairdo? Some of us can’t even go out without fixing our hair. I guess all of us wanted to look presentable at all times. Now is the time to step up the game. Gel, wax, and clay have to move away because pomade is already making its way through the market. The best brand to achieve that edgy hairdo is no other than Man Pomade and Gears Ph

The new addition to my grooming arsenal.

This brand has emerged rapidly, with a vision of making every man’s hair as stylish as it can be. I personally use this brand and I can say that it is a must have on every man’s arsenal. It comes from four different variants but I chose the best seller, Stun.

Stun "Stone Matte"
Firm, and toned appearance

Stun is the most stronghold pomade of the four. It gives my hair a firm and controllable appearance. The scent blew me away; It smells like strawberry and lasts up to the time you wash your hair (I can smell it all day haha). It’s very easy to get it out of your hair too; just hop in the shower, rinse and it’s gone. No need for heavy cleansing. Speaking of the price, nah.. it’s really affordable with a packaging that big!


– You may control your hair over the way you style.
– Low to medium shine
– Washes out easily
— Strawberry like scent
– No greasiness

Great Packaging


I am now more confident to face everyone because my hairstyle has never been this good before. Try Man Pomade and Gears Ph now! Visit their site for inquiries. Click below 👇

Brand Credit:
Man Pomade and Gears Ph

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