JoeStylePh: Break the Rules

The weather lately has been pretty hotter here in the Philippines, but instead of sulking, I did not let the weather outburst the situation. How about you smile? And change the rules for atleast once by doing unusuals. I did some jumping and smiling to eliminate the element every blogger must observe, ‘the seriousness’.

Rocky Rockstar

Another thing why I am happy as I have said is because my Mother just gave me an “all expense paid trip” gift to *a****. All we have to do (my friends) is to travel and enjoy, I will tell about it soon folks; I am just really excited πŸ˜„.

Wear a smile

Back to my outfit. This one’s a little bit preppy and rockstar isn’t it? Look at the color combination of my OOTD, notice the color unity. Every single color has that connection for the harmony of the entirety.


Dance Dance πŸ˜‚

My top (shirt) is from F&X (FOX). It gave me that comfortable feeling even if the sun is toasting my skin. The design is really hip and simple; cooler than ever.


My Chino shorts by SM Men has the standard quality product as it is durable.

Fly with me…

My shoes, from Greeno. I am really amazed by their products because it is totally handmade and badass I must say. I really am recommending you this brand.


Well guys that’s a wrap and I want you to stay tuned for my summer edition outfits, see yah! πŸ˜‰

Brand Credits:
Shirt: F&X

Chino Shorts: SM Men

Shoes: Greeno Handmade Shoes

Sunnies: Fly Shades

Photo Credit:
Jun Pacaba

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  1. Love your OOTDs πŸ˜†


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