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Most of us are thinking, what to combine with basic stuff to look more presentable and nice. As what a celebrity have said “You cannot be stylish if you don’t take the risk” so I did. At first I was also hesitant to wear this but it turned out to be super stylish. You must observe the colour consistency to achieve harmony and colour unity.


Have you heard the news about the collaboration of the number 1 fast food chain in the Philippines and Uniqlo? This blog isn’t so much late right? Haha. Jollibee has come a long way by influencing every person’s cravings and childhood, Uniqlo did recognized that. Ended up putting the Jollibee logo in their basic tee shirts. This shirt is actually one of my favorite shirt so far, they have various colour and designs to choose for. I chose white with the big logo in it (I’mma big fan of white) for the design to be obvious and emphasized.


I paired the basic shirt with a hoody light grey jacket to mix the basic and comprehensive elements of detail. Oversized jacket is the new trend right now, no other than American Bouleverd.


For the shorts, navy blue is the best color to be used.


What shoes but Converse is the coolest for style like this, of course with a little bit of twist; I extended the length of the sneakers to add some “umpff” swag kind of reaction haha 😀😆 with the help of long socks I just bought somewhere else.


In the name of fashion I will wear sunglasses even if it’s too shady out there haha (that’s a true blogger). Fly Eyewear has emerged from depth to shore as it offers unique and stylish designs of sunglasses not only for the  young one’s but also for young at heart.


Be a blogger, be Stylish, you go get them. I hope you guys have learned something, thanks for reading my blog 😉.

Brand Credit:
Basic Tee: Uniqlo
Hooded Jacket: American Boulevard
Twill Shorts: Uniqlo
Sneakers: Converse
Sunnies: Fly Shades

Photo Credit:
Jun Pacaba

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  1. This one’s a very big collaboration between to industry giants. Love the look 😉😉


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