JoeStylePh: Fashion Meets Health

      We all know fashion nowaday is not as simple as white and it is really a good thing. Fashion goes beyond the thought of only professional can pull it up; in the real world you can even show it in your daily life. Routines like exercise and sports are now raised up in a higher level. Who says you can’t bring fashion in an ordinary day just like taking a run? Yes way! Ha-ha.


 Health meets fashion the Joe Style way. It is usual to wear sweats (sweatshirts) when exercising or doing sports to keep that cool feeling even if you are full of sweat. I am recommending a short shorts to use even though some are using leg supporters and full leg suits, I mean you are not going hiking right? Ha-ha so maybe better use shorts.


The most important piece to mention is your shoe. Wear the comfortable one, the one that can handle you even at your worst (Wow hugot joke ha-ha) .When doing activities like running, never use loafers, sandals, boat shoes, boots etc. If you don’t want to end their lives on the spot ha-ha.


For the tops I am wearing DYSE ONE (online brand). DYSE ONE is really committed to deliver such comfortable and fashionable sporting goods to their costumers.

Sweatshirt from DYSE ONE

My bottoms is from Uniqlo, their twill is really perfect to my sweatshirt’s colour. Also, Uniqlo’s shorts has that cooling effect that prevents my lower body sweat too much.

Twill shorts from Uniqlo

The shoes? From Reebok. Reebok is not just concerned their products but also to their costumers when it comes to fitness and sports that’s why ‘its the perfect running shoes for me (durable).

Sneakers from Reebok


What are you waiting for? Run out there and show them the true meaning of Fashion meets Health. I hope I did well in giving you advice, that’s all guys thanks for reading. 😇

Brand Credits:

Sweatshirt: Dyse One (online brand)

Twill shorts: Uniqlo

Sneakers: Reebok

Photo Credit:

Jun Pacaba


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