JoeStylePh: Why Men Needs Accessories

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Actually, there are so much reasons as to why men needs accessories but I will only talk five 😇. Men nowadays aren’t interested of wearing any accessory except for their watches, so I came up with the idea of why?

The first reason: Accessories adds fanciness, and angst to your outfit. Regular outfit would be more nicer if associated with the right accessory.

The second reason: It is not only for styling purposes but also an essential. Watches/belts/caps/bracelet/necklace/eye and sunglasses. All these have significance in making you comfortable.

The third reason: Try to wear eye catchy accessories, I bet some people would turn their backs for you. 😂

The fourth reason: To grow self esteem and self confidence. Men are shy AF 😉😅. I would like to share my personal experience, before I started as a fashion blogger; I was once an ugly duckling (shy, and insecure of myself). But as I have tried wearing some accessories that are unusual then that was the time I had the blast.

The last reason: To be the male model of your whole getup particularly the accessories. Also to catch the compliments of everyone who hyped your look.

I hope this inspired you to add more accessories in your OOTD, thanks for reading.👍👍

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