JoeStylePh: Forest in the City

Have you ever tried an outfit which its colors are complimenting the overall appearance of the look? Well I have! particularly earth tone colors. Since “terno style” haven’t come to its end but continuously evolving through the years. I’d like to bring that forest ambiance in the city to prove that ternos are working as to whatever/wherever you are intended to do/go.20160210-IMG_5987-01

Uniqlo is one of the brands out there that offers stylish street style tees (Uniqlo UT). Uniqlo UT in this look is associated with an anime titled “Monster Hunter Cross”. Marking the 10th anniversary of the series, it offers up fresh possibilities for hunting. The title says it all :).

Rocking that Street Style
Jogger Pants from Dyse One

So basically this was my first time rocking a Joggers and I must say that it went well, did it? haha joke. Dyse One did great by customizing their designs to semi fit.

Shoes from Fila

This color and style is perfect, you can’t go wrong with a pair of these. Never go out leaving your accessories at home because of the rule that it adds attractiveness to your OOTD. A leather bracelet and cap would do :).




Thanks for reading, will write for you again :*

Brand Credits:

Tee: Uniqlo

Joggers: Dyse One

Running Shoes: Fila


Photo Credit:

Jun Pacaba


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