JoeStylePh : Corporate Street

Hey there! I am finally back with a track. To you guys I would like to apologize for always absent but tada! Here I am. So, as for my comeback I have decided to step up the game.


I have done my outfit shoot at the front of a crowd with a couple of brands that are appealing not only to men but also to women.


I wore Polo from Memo, my favorite brand when it comes to Polo and button down. Their designs are cool and has that boy next door vibe. If you’re into casuals but wanting that dapper style to be released then I definitely recommend this one. We cannot forget men’s bestfriend; the boots. I do consider the color and style when choosing a pair, that’s why Russ by Rusty Lopez is a must have in your collection.



Dapper? Oh it is common to assume the “tuck in” thing but with the use of a belt ofcourse. Mcjim, a classy brand of leather stuff that are super comfortable to wear. I know! The belt added that extra angst to my outfit.👍

Thanks for reading guys, more outfit soon 👞

Button ups/Polo: Memo Fashion
Leather belt: Mcjim leather Gallery
Boots: Russ Collection

Photo Credit:

Jun pacaba


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