Sandbox: Extreme Playground

     It is better to start the year with a bang! Like literally banging your whole body by extreme activities just a few hours within the metro. Where to go? Sandbox is only 4 hours from the bus terminal in Cubao (Five Star Bus Terminal). I strongly recommend you to bring a service (Car or van) to avoid long walks 😂 pero push padin para sa kasiyahan. Aside from Cubao, you can also take an alternative bus station via Pasay City.

Direction Map to Five Star Bus Station (Cubao)

If you are already at the bus station, ride a bus with a sign ETA Dau Grand Terminal with a fee of  Php104.00 strongly agree to bring your student id’s if you are in a tight budget haha 20% is material most of the time. 😂😂 Now if you are at Dau Terminal Pampanga, find a jeepney near the station going to SM Clark Terminal 2 costing Php 8.00 (In our case, we rode tricycle , a special one to lessen walking haha tamad joke; fee is Php 60.00) After enjoying the ride, get out of the tricycle haha then wait for a jeepney passing by for 10-30 minutes (Warning: Jeepney is rare so better be early, we are lucky to wait for just 5 minutes. Sakay na agad agad pagka dating 😂😂😃 baka iiwan ka nnmn joke 😂. Now tell the driver to drop you at Alviera Sandbox Porac Pampanga, I guess it’ll take about 30 minutes; fee is Php 30.00. You are now at Alviera, again better to have a car if you dont want to take forever by walking haha. Tricycle is extremely rare so no choice lakad!!! 😂

Alviera sign
A walk to remember haha 😂


Life size Sandbox sign

There are seven regular activities at Sandbox which are Giant swing, Aerial walk, Free fall, Rappel wall, Climbing wall, Roller coaster zipline, and Mini golf; the rest are special and not so cheap activities 😂. You can get a package or you can just try one or two or three activities. Entrance fee is 75 and we got the whole page for Php650.

Individual rates for activities as of January 2016:
*Giant swing Php100
*Aerial walk Php150
*Free fall Php100
*Rappel wall Php50
*Wall climbing Php50
*Roller coaster zipline Php150
*Mini golf Php150
*UTV/ATV Php3000 per hr
*Archery Php2500 per hr

There is a certain limit to the number of participants for every activity so better visit weekdays to avoid overcrowding. There is a mini snackbar inside (Warning: No ricemeals) if you’ll get hungry but you can also bring your own foods with a corkage fee of Php100.

The Aerial walk

The Aerial walk is a must try activity and my personal favorite 😂. Its like you are undergoing to a military training ground with a twist of heavenly feeling(Cloud9). Akyat pa more! Haha


Bring your payong with you (Umbrella) If you dont want to get tanned.

Wall Climbing
Face the camera please 😂
You can do it!!! 😁

Wall climbing is not really easy! I thought I can finish the whole thing but it turned out that every rock has its own twist (sakit sa kamay at maliliit ang bato). Sandbox has complete equipment for the safety of everyone.

Safety Harness
The Roller Coaster Zipline

That was my first time riding a zipline and it was a blast, even my friend have enjoyed it. Imagine yourself in an actual roller coaster 😂. I was like woahh!!!
(Warning: Cameras are not allowed inside every activity/ No mount for Gopros so I was like what the hell? Haha just kiddin’)

The Free Fall

   This (Free fall) was the most nerve wrecking attraction for me. It is really high up there and you are gonna jump (with harness) and face your fear. I really am afraid of falling like what you did to me hahaha joke.

The mini golf

We didn’t maximize the unlimited time for mini golf because of the hotness brought by the sun, however we tried it.

With this gorgeous lady
Usap pampalipas oras


She doesn't like taking pictures so much
Take videos
Take as many photos as you can

After mini golf we have decided to do rappelling, my hands are already numb and tired but atleast I’ve tried my very best unlike you! Haha hugot. This girl beside me is really adventurous like I am.


With 90 meters high, rappelling is one of the challenging activity here.


Damn! I look hot here 😂 haha


Monkey like hahha

Our finale ride was the Giant swing (haba ng pila). I am not fond of this ride, why? Because I felt dizzy after 3 minutes of rumbling on the air😩. Haha

The Giant Swing

The park opens at 9 a.m and closes at 5 pm. If you are throught with it, you can now go home by taking a special tricycle to the jeepney terminal (terminal going to SM Clark Pampanga) with a fare of Php150. After that find a jeepney going to SM Clark; takes 30-40 minutes Php30. You are now at SM, find the bus terminal that will take you going back to Cubao bus terminal. If you don’t mind, get a van that will take you in some points to Manila for Php180 like what we did. Here are some important reminders:

*Bring extra shirts
*Wear comfortable clothes
*Bring extra extra money haha
*Bring your cameras
*Eat breakfast
*Bring your friends with you (Not adviceable to go alone haha)
* Enjoy! ☺

Sandbox: Extreme Playground

Overall we’ve enjoyed our escapade at Sandbox! Must try! Thank you you for reading and see you at my nxt adventure. ☺


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