JoeStylePh: Ken Doll

A new journey through another year. Though 2015 has ended, many of us are looking forward in braving the year ahead. I, of course all of us are expecting a prosperous one, (year) but who knows? Anyway, this is a New Year right? Fireworks, firecracker, and dangling sounds are everywhere so colors that are loud and proud will surely dominate.

Button down by Maldita (Men)
Shorts by Maldita (Men)

Mixed colors are definitely a must have this time as opposed to what others say about color mismatch. The question is how? As what I’ve taught here, always wear what fits your mood and your personality. Just match the colors that are cold in the eyes to bring that cool yet classy look you wanted.

The “Cool pose”

I was on my way to the mall at this photo but decided to take a quick shoot beside the garden. I took by chance the opportunity to be taken a photo for this edition. Button down (Maldita) is color peach which has designs in its collar and lower sleeves, and the shorts (Maldita) is a combination of vertical white and blue. Maldita man is a must try brand.

pose pose and a little bit more pose 🙂

Just a reminder, be creative as possible. I wore some wood colored accessories such as dark brown eye wear and belt to add more “uuhmphh” in the style with complimentary color gray for the shoes. And oh! Posing is really important here hahaha joke. Stay tuned for the next outfit I will wear, I hope you all folks have a merry New Year, enjoy!! Love, Joe. :*

Brand Credit:

Button down and Shorts (Maldita Man) : Maldita

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