JoeStylePh: Christmas Wardrobe

Christmas is totally here so as the New Year’s Eve. Christmas tree and poinsettias are in everyone’s home. What color would be more powerful than red and green? I’ve been doing some mix ups lately at least with a touch of either the two for Christmas and fortunately I was able to pull such strong colors. One more thing, the weather, it’s cold out there isn’t it? So go out and rock your sweaties (Sweatshirts) ha-ha call me nuts but they are really my babies. Some people hesitate to wear sweatshirts because of others saying “it is unusual in a tropical country to bring that pull over come to life along with sophistication and boldness” but go get them pal.

SPRZ NY by Uniqlo



As far as I am concerned, Uni-qlo has the best sweatshirts in the Metro. Every piece has a tech fleece technology to prevent sweating too much. The fabric? Worth every penny (SPRZ by Uniqlo). For the pants, I chose the acid wash style to emphasize the color of the pull ups. Considering your leg is a big factor, no loose jeans please! 😀 if you don’t want to look like a buster haha just kiddin’.


Sunnies by Fly

Every man’s best friend would be his boots probably, certainly haha. You know it is really hard to pair a sweatshirt when it comes to shoes, you wanna play safe? Wear some (boots by Rusty Lopez). If you love black and white then I don’t have to explain why but if not then be observant.

Boots by Rusty Lopez

Hot outside eh? Eye protection alert. No worries, Fly Sunnies is a local brand that helps protect your eyes, not just your eyes but also its bags: D joke.


Anyway, thanks again for reading my blog, and may you have a Merry Christmas :).

Brand Credits and site

Shoes: (Rusty Lopez) Rusty Lopez

Pull over: (Uniqlo) Uniqlo

Sunnies: (Fly)



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