DIY: Fashion Pieces

      Strolled down the mall in the most maniac way, its not summer right? but who cares anyway? As long as it is stylish then go wear it. I am referring to the photo get up. By the time I saw this outfit at the mall, I was planning to buy it but after realizing some things on my mind, creativity have gone wild. Instead of spending my money for another “not so cheap” clothing, why wouldn’t I make my own? Its the DIY #JoeStylePh way kind of creativity :).
        So its just a simple plain piece right? Easy to do. Wondering how? Here’s what I did, first I dug my closet (sorry for the word “dug” haha lol) for the fabric and colors like in the photo. For the chino shorts, I got my nursing uniform (although I am not a nursing student, but almost) which is made of light cacha and polyester fabric (cacha is a kind of fabric which is used to wrap newborn babies). From wood pulp, a renewable resource, smooth, cool, comfortable, and highly absorbent.
         I measured my leg-holes to adjust the height of the fabric the way I wanted. I made sure that all the details are in place before cutting the edges and the excess. And then sewed using a machine for a good looking finish product and woolah its perfect. At the end I just bought a yellow top and a scarf. Haha really I can’t make a shirt this time, not yet :). The other photo is the finished product.  Join me again to my next adventure, and thanks for reading.
Finished product :folded

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