JoeStylePh : Buffet all day

Everyone loves food right? It’s an essential part of our daily lives. Some are doing it a hobby, some are just eating and eating and eating ha ha just kidding lol :D. As a foodie, I’ve always wanted to taste unique food for my own pleasure. I am not picky so every restaurant for me is a must. That’s why I am writing this to rate and review a certain resto in town. I am often found in this bar called G-point Smorgasbord and bar at Ermita Manila, Philippines.

Visible Signage
Visible Signage

The place to be, where the city dwellers are in for some good time. An advantage of having an affordable buffet and beers are into it. The buffet starts at 11 am and ends at 4 pm then happy time onward (beer hopping). brewery like no other, a lot of foreigners are in to chat with each other. The ambiance is really cool with added comfort because of the sports tv located at the center corner of it. I have to say that the servants are really nice and cool.

Glimpse of the resto
Glimpse of the resto
Veggie for healthy living


Taccos for nuts
Tacos for nuts

I usually end up bloated after eating so much of their good food. It’s like I picked each one of it and ate to death haha lol sorry for that. A restaurant isn’t that lively without recreational activities right? I usually play billiards after eating monsterous like :D, yes you got it! and I am now addicted to this sport. I am introducing you this cool place with your friends to hang out with.

My Mom and her sisters
My Mom and her sisters

Try this place and I am very confident that you’ll love it especially if your taste buds are craving for foreign dishes. So thank you guys for reading and see you at my next adventure.. 🙂 Here’s the link to the awesome Facebook page of G-point.

Facebook page : G-Point Smorgasbord and Bar


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