Jeans Madness


     Confused on the right fitting of your jeans? Now here we go, there are so much factors to be considered when pairing up with these pants. Considering the body type  and  height of the user is such a good idea. If you are tall and skinny, then the skinnny type is suitable for you. Remember that if you are skinny, never wear a lame loose one because you can never emphasize the lower body you have.



      The next one’s for those who are buff and toned body type, doesn’t matter if they are tall or average just rock the way it should be done. Yes we can see your leg muscles so no need to extravagantly display it haha just joking. Straight cut jeans are for those who wants to play safe. I mean If you are not into skinny jeans nor slim. It is also for average type of body. I hope my advice gave you some knowledge on how to pick the right jeans, thank you guys.


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