Hello there, I am a newbie; hope I can work this blog out. I want to make friends here so let’s interact, thank you guys.



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  1. lol hey there 🙂

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    1. How are you? Haha you Filipino?


      1. Wow, you look like a Filipino, anyways how long have you been writing blogs? 😊


      2. my current one like late 2014? read my about page! 😛 but i really just started working at it in like march/april


      3. Wow! Thank you for your response earlier, I thought no one would talk to me haha


      4. i acutally just look up fashion tags 🙂 im guessing youre into fashion?


      5. Haha , Yes I am into fashion, how about you?


      6. yeah mine’s a style blog, you still haven’t read my About Page, have you lool


      7. My internet is not doing well , haha dying…

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      8. Fashion blogger? Haha


      9. How do I put my profile picture here?? Huhu sorry, I am new


  2. theangstyle says:

    Hey there!! I’m a newbie toooooo lol

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